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Forget Everything, but Forget Nothing... That’s the philosophy Indie-folk rock /Americana  artist, singer, songwriter Robin Berg of the band Callison Nash has adopted to achieve a myriad of accomplishments in his action packed life and that’s what he brings to his anxiously anticipated EP,  Forget Everything.

This new chapter for consummate adventurer, Robin Berg, is actually a full-circle return to a flourishing music career that he admits he just wasn’t ready for when he began writing and performing live, years ago.  “You should constantly explore the world.  I have thrown myself at a bunch of different things and mastered most them,” says the man who travels the world in search of new adventures.  “ But it is singing and songwriting that has always been my greatest passion,” says Berg, who currently lives in Southern California.

Acting as Vin Diesel’s stunt double in XXX, fending off sharks and alligators, skysurfing, escaping bear attacks, and running his own TV production company featuring over 400 episodes, is just not enough for this self-described adrenalin junkie anymore.  In early 2012 Robin Berg was finally able to channel that passion into his life-long love of singing and songwriting.  “Everything I do has brought me to this moment and definably made my songs better for it.  I believe it is all about the song and I really want to move people with my words.” 

Move people is exactly what he does.  The singer/ songwriter has attracted the ears of some of the industry’s most discriminating music makers, Grammy award-winning producer/ engineer, John Jaszcz, and former major record label executive/producer Dick Williams, They heard about Robin through a mutual friend and immediately wanted to be part of it.    “Robin Berg is someone who has lived the experience he writes about, he's not a wannabe act living in a fantasy world,” says Williams. “His extensive knowledge of film and music, combined with exceptional songwriting instincts, gives him a distinct advantage.”

A songwriter by nature, with rock n’ roll fire in his veins, Robin Berg has created a sound that’s infectious. Many will agree; his intimate lyrics, coupled with lush vocals and melodies that linger, are what set this indie-rocker apart.

 Forget Everything is now available in every major online music store and streaming platform. Make sure to keep up with Callison Nash, the new king of Americana and Indie Folk Rock, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. 

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Forget Everything - EP - Callison Nash

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