I can't even express what an intense high playing live for so many fans at the 601 Club was!

The night started out a little crazy, We were going to build a backline with the band we were playing with, we would provide the drum kit, and they were going to provide the bass amp that both bands would be using, about 40 minutes before the first act was supposed to go on, we got a call that the bass player was not bringing the amp, he got in a fight and was heading to the hospital! But this is showbiz, and we  came up with a plan-b, luckily, plan-b was not needed as the band playing with us that night found a way to get the bass amp, they rolled in with it 10 minutes before our set, we plugged it in, and counted the first song and rocked through the set.

The energy was awesome!  the crowd was with us on every song, the band kicked ass, and I remembered why I throw so much time and energy (and money) into music, those moments reinforce why we are here on this earth, and what it means to be alive.

Thanks a million to each and every one that came out that night, and hope to see you at our next gig August 23rd at the Slidebar Fullerton!


Callison Nash has a new manager, as passionate about music and the business of music as any senior label exec.

Mike McAffee has been dedicated to the project for the last two years and has been a constant source of positive energy and solid advice, no one has more love and knowledge of such a huge range of musical styles and influences, and as a self made entrepreneur, he also brings excellent business sense and experience as Callison Nash becomes an international brand.

Mike McCAffee, Ma

As we rock into July of 2014, and get set for our west coast dates, it's a good time for you to meet the band that is Callison Nash, oh... BTW, Callison Nash is the name of the band, the lead singer and songwriter is Robin Berg pictured here:

Robin Berg


First, insanely talented lead guitarist Conrad Bauer, he has been with Callison Nash from the start, and is the de-facto band leader.

Conrad Baure on Lead Guitar

Next, meet Shane Fitzgibbon on Drums, a session player and recording engineer, Shane brings huge chops to Callison Nash.

Shane Fitzgibbon on Drums


On Keys, monster talent Blaine McGurty, another LA Session player who kills it live!

Blaine McGurty on Keys


And the man on Bass, Mike Gunn, so solid and musical, Mike brings huge bass skills to every song.

Mike Gunn on Bass





So I am stunned to find the cover art to my EP as well as one of the songs, "Do You Feel Alright" embedded on the front page of a major Indian news mag. I am not sure who made the call on that, or how it happened, but it was a wonderful surprise and no doubt caught the eyes of many thousands.  This actually is interesting to me as well, we are on Jango, (now known as Radio Airplay) and I have a growing international fan base and love the energy and feedback from places like, europe, asia, the middle east, far east etc. as well as the fans popping up all over the US.

A huge thanks to all of you who have reached out to let me know how much you enjoy my music.

Callison Nash

After throwing myself relentlessly at a career in music for over 10 years, burned out and flat broke, I needed a change, so in 1992 I decided that it was time to leave the smoke filled bars and clubs, and experience life from a new perspective.

Little did I know that I was embarking on a journey of adventures that would take me all over the world, and that I would experience and see things that many people only dream of, or read about in books. My hiatus from music would allow me to explore a side of myself that longed for excitement. 

Earlier, as a Navy deep sea diver, I already got a taste of the thrilling life I was setting off to find.  Stationed in Guam aboard a submarine tender, I would encounter many situations that were very risky, but when you’re young, you seem to feel invincible, yet those were the times I felt most alive.

This is me, getting prepped for a deep dive, (dig those sideburns and mustache eh!)

Back to 92, not really knowing where I was headed, or what I wanted to do, I stumbled upon skydiving, and fell in love with a sport that was highly dangerous, taking the lives of many of my close friends along the way. But if you are infected with the adrenaline bug, when it comes to danger, you are like a moth attracted to a flame. There is something inexplicable that draws you in, even though you know you are staring into the abyss. There is also something incredibly exciting about being able to function at a high-level, even when your heart is pounding, your palms are sweating like crazy, and you could easily be killed.

This was the time when skysurfing (jumping out of a plane with a board similar to a snowboard strapped to your feet, and spinning and flipping around) was the rage, I fell in love with skysurfing, and began training and competing.

My good friend Patrick De Gayardon, a French skydiver who pioneered skysurfing and the wing-suit, was one of those rare people you meet that could permanently affect your view of what is possible when the mind is free to imagine.

(This is Patrick and I, having fun, shortly before he was tragically killed perfecting the wing-suit in Hawaii, I’m on the left.)

I also had a lot of fun goofing around with stunts. This is me on a wakeboard, although it looks like I am getting towed through the air, the ski rope is actually only ten feet long and another skydiver is holding the other end. We were trying to achieve an impossible looking shot for a magazine ad. (Amazing how many people actually believed that I was getting towed by a plane!)

It was during this time that ESPN created what is now known as the X-Games, and I was asked to be a commentator for what would be a marquee event, skysurfing. This in turn would open the door for a career in television, (funny how life works!)

And later, I received a call from a movie stunt coordinator, and found myself doubling Vin Diesel in the major motion Picture Triple-X.

I would have to undergo hours of makeup each morning as they glued a latex-rubber mask to my face that made me look like a somewhat puffy-faced Vin Diesel, and then jump out of a helicopter at 16,000 feet above snowcapped mountains with a snowboard strapped to my feet, fly my chute down the slopes, land the snowboard on the mountain, cut my chute away and snowboard for a few hundred yards before they called “Cut”

This is me, geared up and wearing the stunt-mask, before a jump.

(I look just like Vin Diesel eh!)  


Here’s a shot of me flying over the mountains at 14,000 feet

During the filming of this movie, I made 5 jumps a day for about  a week straight.

And on the last jump of the last day, (of course) I was almost killed.  The chopper flew directly in front of me and my chute collapsed and spun into a twisted mess.  I almost splatted against a rocky outcrop of the mountain.  Luckily my chute popped open just before impact, and I lived to write more songs

As I was feeling very Extreme these days,

I had the opportunity to try other forms of board-riding,

so I figured I needed a haircut to match,

Yup, that’s me with a spiked Mohawk, riding a long-board.

Fast forward a few more years, and I started a TV company, BEI inc, which is also my record label.   As if skydiving wasn’t dangerous enough, I now found myself filming mako sharks in the open sea,  getting slammed by alligators in the swamps, getting chased by bears through the forest, ( I could go on, but you get the picture.)

So what does all of this have to do with my return full-circle to Music - The one thing I am more passionate about than anything?

Well, without a doubt, I have a heck of a lot more to write about, and more life experience to draw from when I am writing songs, but I am also ready for this phase of my life in a way I have never been before. I just wasn’t ready to succeed as a recording artist my first go-around. But now, I have no doubt… and no fear that music is what I am absolutely meant to do.

The most important thing for me is that the songs I write, record, and perform truly move people, and I hope they move you to listen in a new way.

Open your mind and heart and I bet that will happen! 

See you at the next show!


I know many of you have friends or family affected by Hurricane Sandy, above is a picture taken by Chuck Fishbein of his street the morning after it passed through Weehawken NJ.

Chuck Fishbein, the director of the current video on Youtube, featuring the single: Forget Everything, was devastated by Sandy, he lost his house, and during the storm his family huddled on the third floor while the water from the storm surge filled his first floor up to the ceiling.  This really brings home in a very personal way to me the misery and stress those affected by the storm are dealing with.

I am going to donate to the Red Cross relief effort this morning, if you can, I urge you to do the same.
Hopefully none of you were affected. if you were, I would be interested in hearing your stories, and best of luck to you.

Here is the Red Cross  Sandy Relief URL:


Welcome to my mini studio.

Development: the reality is hard work

A song has a ways to go (usually) from the time you have the first inspiration, to the fully developed version, I will spend days working out parts to each song, just tracking my guitar and vocals until I have the structure, lyrics, feel, and chord changes exactly like I want them.

One of the things I love the most about songwriting, is the song will begin to take on a life of it's own, demanding attention and teaching you things about it, and this is where you spend a lot of time, really listening to what the song is saying, or trying to say, and capturing that in the writing and performance.

BTW, for those of you into recording, we have both Pro-Tools and Logic Pro-9, but we record my songs pretty much exclusively on Logic, it is so powerful and easy to work with, (no I am not a shill for Apple) Just sayin.  For an interface, A/D converter we use Apogee Ensemble  for most of what we do, and various tube mics for vocals.

So it's been seven years since Katrina devastated New Orleans, I was there just after, and the destruction was still everywhere, I was hanging out with a bunch of crazy guys called the Helldivers, and the stories they told me of trying to help people were amazing.

Watch for a new song, HellDIvers Anthem, coming soon.

I love parties!
Especially when you meet highly creative, high-energy, people.
Here's a few pics from a recent party in Malibu 
Meet my close friend Gregory Markel,
one of the most talented singer/songwriter/performers I know.
I met Gregory years ago, we were both singing waiters 
at this crazy restaurant in OC, waiting tables and dashing on  stage 
to sing a couple songs, needless to say, I was a terrible waiter!


Made some great new friends, and wanted to share them and their work with you.
Meet Novena Carmel, and on the right is her musical collaborator Derek G Taylor,
Her songs and voice blew me away, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, because she's Sly Stones daughter,
and that incredible gift was definitely passed down!  I am going to catch her live soon.


You can hear Novena's amazing voice and music and learn more about her and Derek here:

Sitting next to me are Cindy Alexander, phenomenal singer songwriter, and her mega-pro drummer/husband Chip.
If you haven't heard Cindy, you're missing out, check her out on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/cindyalexander.music
and her website: http://www.cindyalexander.com/


Check this out, the guy on the left, with the green jacket is Richard Gibbs, owner of WoodShed Studios, http://www.woodshedrecording.com/
Richard is also  an original member of Oingo Boingo, he has scored a multitude of films and tv series as well, including the Simpsons, (which immediately made him my hero.)
Next in the black jacket is Will Wells, 23 years old, "on-fire" composer and musician, working with artists such as John Mayer, Michael McDonald, Wylcef Jean, to mention just a few. Check him out here: http://willwellsmusic.com/
And on the right is Mike Paul Hughes owner of Stone Soup Soldiers, a cinematic music production company, He's also a rocket scientist for JPL!  Check him out at stonesoupsoldiers.com
And this is Michael Kenney, the keyboardist for Iron Maiden. 
We are both looking a little ragged here as it is getting later and I am getting very buzzed... So until next time!

So I pull up to the local Apple store, and my jaw hits the floor, it looks like a bomb went off inside the store and blew the window out into the street and streched the security mesh like Godzilla broke out of the zoo. It seems 3 or 4 guys drove a car through the front window, grabbed a bunch of product, and then drove back through the window and security mesh from the inside.

Brilliant heist by rocket scientists of crime.


What a crazy adventure in NYC!

We recently shot the new music video for the title track of our new EP, Forget Everything in Manhattan and Brooklyn NY.

Director and DP Chuck Fishbein, who has shot videos for numerous artists including U2, was fantastic to work with, the video was shot with Sony's new F3 Super35MM Motion picture camera.

We shot scenes all over Manhattan, including the Upper West Side, Central Park, and mid-town. But the greatest experience was rocking Brooklyn from the top of an 8 story building with the full band.

The video is now in post-production, and should go live on-line in the next few weeks. here's a few pics from the shoot, Enjoy!


This is the actress who plays the love interest in the song, Arina Kachanova, she was a blast to work with!

Near the train tracks in Weehauken, we also shot solo scenes in Jersey and Manhattan, just to break it up.

One more,

What an experience, a huge thanks to the production team and Arina for creating such a powerful video.

They say greatness is inspiring, I would like to personally vouch for that, I recently dropped by my friend Mike Maroney's house, his daughter McKayla, is now world famous for A. Being an Olympic gymnast gold medalist. B. The best Vaulter in the world, and C. the face she made on the podium after winning silver on the last vault, which ended up all over the internet superimposed over monumental images, with the caption, McKayla Maroney is not impressed, (here is one of the images,)

So I had to get a shot with her and that face! (we are both trying to look unimpressed!

This 16 year old is fearless, and has the world by the tail, congratulations McKayla!

It seems everyone has a different approach to songwriting, for me, every song seems to come from a different place.

The best songs seem to come to me in the form of the chorus or hook, and when this happens, I immediately grab a recorder, (thank god for smart phones!) and capture it before it gets away. Yes, I am just like many of you out there who have had a great idea for a song planted in my brain, thinking to myself, "there's no way I'm gonna forget this cool tune!" only to have it slip completely or partially from my memory the next day when I try to remember what the heck it was that was so exciting about it. 

For me, songs are like gifts, as if I am channeling the song and not really writing it, and because of this, I try to take advantage of those moments when I do have the inspiration, grab my guitar, grab my recorder, and try to flesh out the entire song while that flame that inspired it is still burning in my mind.

But then, there are those times when I have to write a song without being inspired, and this is where years of songwriting come in because this is part art, and part craft, and sometimes I have to rely more on the craft.  And it seems the harder I work on any song, the better it gets.

I used to think that songwriting was some kind of mysterious process I could not control, and when I wrote a song, it was hard for me to improve it because it felt like I was betraying it somehow. I have learned over the years that any song can be improved, my producer, Dick Williams recently told me, "songs are never finished, you just get sick of working on them" this is true of the writing process and the recording process.

So many of you are interested in my Guild acoustic guitar pictured below, thought I would answer a few questions.

It is a black (obviously) D25, built in 1983, the original tuners were replaced with gold Schaller tuners, and a pickup and tone/volume control nobs were also installed in the mid 80's. I recently had the action and neck adjusted, and a new bone bridge and saddle as well as pins installed.

The guitar has many dings and scratches from years of use, but I have not found any guitar that matches it's amazing tone, very full bass and mid, and nice clear highs, I guess a full-rich tone is the best way to describe it. I own a number of other guitars, I love my white Fender Strat, and my Breedlove acoustic guitar as well, but the Guild has been a part of me for many years

No, I do not have a name for it, (Maybe I should!)  feel free to suggest a name, would love to hear from you!

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