DRAGONFLIES, The making of a music video.

Over the past couple of years, I have had the opportunity to work with two very gifted producers. Chuck Fishbein who directed and produced the music video "Forget Everything" and recently, Craig Incardone, who served as Director of Photography on my latest music video release, "Dragonflies"

I have to say, there are few things more satisfying to an artist, than working with professionals of this caliber, both shoots are going to be embedded in my mind forever, what they brought to the table in terms of vision and expertise are rare, and truly wonderful, elevating the vision and final art to a level that really inspires me.

Chuck Fishbein actually created the concept for Dragonflies, the dreamy blend of Super8mm footage of childhood memories, juxtaposed against me moving through a landscape deep in thought.

I have known Craig Incardone for years, and he eagerly made himself available for the job. I knew right away based on his past work, he would bring true art to the table for this project, and we discussed carefully the approach we would take. His direction in the field, was superb, he knew exactly what he wanted to achieve, and we both knew as we were well into the shoot that what we were capturing would blend beautifully with the super8 footage of children playing and running, that we would shoot next.

The end result is a dreamscape of images, that compliment the song in a fantastic way,

Huge thanks to both Craig Incardone and Chuck Fishbein, both masters at their game.

Callison Nash

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