What a crazy adventure in NYC!

We recently shot the new music video for the title track of our new EP, Forget Everything in Manhattan and Brooklyn NY.

Director and DP Chuck Fishbein, who has shot videos for numerous artists including U2, was fantastic to work with, the video was shot with Sony's new F3 Super35MM Motion picture camera.

We shot scenes all over Manhattan, including the Upper West Side, Central Park, and mid-town. But the greatest experience was rocking Brooklyn from the top of an 8 story building with the full band.

The video is now in post-production, and should go live on-line in the next few weeks. here's a few pics from the shoot, Enjoy!


This is the actress who plays the love interest in the song, Arina Kachanova, she was a blast to work with!

Near the train tracks in Weehauken, we also shot solo scenes in Jersey and Manhattan, just to break it up.

One more,

What an experience, a huge thanks to the production team and Arina for creating such a powerful video.

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