It seems everyone has a different approach to songwriting, for me, every song seems to come from a different place.

The best songs seem to come to me in the form of the chorus or hook, and when this happens, I immediately grab a recorder, (thank god for smart phones!) and capture it before it gets away. Yes, I am just like many of you out there who have had a great idea for a song planted in my brain, thinking to myself, "there's no way I'm gonna forget this cool tune!" only to have it slip completely or partially from my memory the next day when I try to remember what the heck it was that was so exciting about it. 

For me, songs are like gifts, as if I am channeling the song and not really writing it, and because of this, I try to take advantage of those moments when I do have the inspiration, grab my guitar, grab my recorder, and try to flesh out the entire song while that flame that inspired it is still burning in my mind.

But then, there are those times when I have to write a song without being inspired, and this is where years of songwriting come in because this is part art, and part craft, and sometimes I have to rely more on the craft.  And it seems the harder I work on any song, the better it gets.

I used to think that songwriting was some kind of mysterious process I could not control, and when I wrote a song, it was hard for me to improve it because it felt like I was betraying it somehow. I have learned over the years that any song can be improved, my producer, Dick Williams recently told me, "songs are never finished, you just get sick of working on them" this is true of the writing process and the recording process.

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