As we rock into July of 2014, and get set for our west coast dates, it's a good time for you to meet the band that is Callison Nash, oh... BTW, Callison Nash is the name of the band, the lead singer and songwriter is Robin Berg pictured here:

Robin Berg


First, insanely talented lead guitarist Conrad Bauer, he has been with Callison Nash from the start, and is the de-facto band leader.

Conrad Baure on Lead Guitar

Next, meet Shane Fitzgibbon on Drums, a session player and recording engineer, Shane brings huge chops to Callison Nash.

Shane Fitzgibbon on Drums


On Keys, monster talent Blaine McGurty, another LA Session player who kills it live!

Blaine McGurty on Keys


And the man on Bass, Mike Gunn, so solid and musical, Mike brings huge bass skills to every song.

Mike Gunn on Bass



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