I love parties!
Especially when you meet highly creative, high-energy, people.
Here's a few pics from a recent party in Malibu 
Meet my close friend Gregory Markel,
one of the most talented singer/songwriter/performers I know.
I met Gregory years ago, we were both singing waiters 
at this crazy restaurant in OC, waiting tables and dashing on  stage 
to sing a couple songs, needless to say, I was a terrible waiter!


Made some great new friends, and wanted to share them and their work with you.
Meet Novena Carmel, and on the right is her musical collaborator Derek G Taylor,
Her songs and voice blew me away, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, because she's Sly Stones daughter,
and that incredible gift was definitely passed down!  I am going to catch her live soon.


You can hear Novena's amazing voice and music and learn more about her and Derek here:

Sitting next to me are Cindy Alexander, phenomenal singer songwriter, and her mega-pro drummer/husband Chip.
If you haven't heard Cindy, you're missing out, check her out on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/cindyalexander.music
and her website: http://www.cindyalexander.com/


Check this out, the guy on the left, with the green jacket is Richard Gibbs, owner of WoodShed Studios, http://www.woodshedrecording.com/
Richard is also  an original member of Oingo Boingo, he has scored a multitude of films and tv series as well, including the Simpsons, (which immediately made him my hero.)
Next in the black jacket is Will Wells, 23 years old, "on-fire" composer and musician, working with artists such as John Mayer, Michael McDonald, Wylcef Jean, to mention just a few. Check him out here: http://willwellsmusic.com/
And on the right is Mike Paul Hughes owner of Stone Soup Soldiers, a cinematic music production company, He's also a rocket scientist for JPL!  Check him out at stonesoupsoldiers.com
And this is Michael Kenney, the keyboardist for Iron Maiden. 
We are both looking a little ragged here as it is getting later and I am getting very buzzed... So until next time!

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