So many of you are interested in my Guild acoustic guitar pictured below, thought I would answer a few questions.

It is a black (obviously) D25, built in 1983, the original tuners were replaced with gold Schaller tuners, and a pickup and tone/volume control nobs were also installed in the mid 80's. I recently had the action and neck adjusted, and a new bone bridge and saddle as well as pins installed.

The guitar has many dings and scratches from years of use, but I have not found any guitar that matches it's amazing tone, very full bass and mid, and nice clear highs, I guess a full-rich tone is the best way to describe it. I own a number of other guitars, I love my white Fender Strat, and my Breedlove acoustic guitar as well, but the Guild has been a part of me for many years

No, I do not have a name for it, (Maybe I should!)  feel free to suggest a name, would love to hear from you!

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