I know many of you have friends or family affected by Hurricane Sandy, above is a picture taken by Chuck Fishbein of his street the morning after it passed through Weehawken NJ.

Chuck Fishbein, the director of the current video on Youtube, featuring the single: Forget Everything, was devastated by Sandy, he lost his house, and during the storm his family huddled on the third floor while the water from the storm surge filled his first floor up to the ceiling.  This really brings home in a very personal way to me the misery and stress those affected by the storm are dealing with.

I am going to donate to the Red Cross relief effort this morning, if you can, I urge you to do the same.
Hopefully none of you were affected. if you were, I would be interested in hearing your stories, and best of luck to you.

Here is the Red Cross  Sandy Relief URL:


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