I can't even express what an intense high playing live for so many fans at the 601 Club was!

The night started out a little crazy, We were going to build a backline with the band we were playing with, we would provide the drum kit, and they were going to provide the bass amp that both bands would be using, about 40 minutes before the first act was supposed to go on, we got a call that the bass player was not bringing the amp, he got in a fight and was heading to the hospital! But this is showbiz, and we  came up with a plan-b, luckily, plan-b was not needed as the band playing with us that night found a way to get the bass amp, they rolled in with it 10 minutes before our set, we plugged it in, and counted the first song and rocked through the set.

The energy was awesome!  the crowd was with us on every song, the band kicked ass, and I remembered why I throw so much time and energy (and money) into music, those moments reinforce why we are here on this earth, and what it means to be alive.

Thanks a million to each and every one that came out that night, and hope to see you at our next gig August 23rd at the Slidebar Fullerton!


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