Callison Nash
Callison Nash



Words and Music by Callison Nash  © 2012


Far away in a field, we were chasing dragonflies we never caught,

Running fast enough, or so we thought,

Holding back the future for awhile

And sailing away, on a ship we made out in the woods,

Beating all the bad guys in the name of good,

And climbing all the mountains we could find

Chasing dragonflies 

And dreams filled our heads, as the world turned under our beds,

Little by little, we moved on, until all of those innocent times,

were gone,

Chasing Dragonflies

Now work fills my head, as the world turns under my bed

And I long to return, where embers of innocent memories still burn

Another day begins, just like the last,

With another cup of coffee, another year has past,

now where are all the dreams we left behind,

 Yet somewhere in the back of my mind,

I find, I’m still chasing, dragonflies

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